David "Doc" Shirey gives you a sneak peek inside the pages of his book RARE CONFIDENCE in this trailer - check it out!


In this confidence-building book by David "Doc" Shirey you'll learn:

* Exact words to say to get the job and then how to excel at it
* How to treat the janitor like the CEO and the CEO like the janitor
* What the sports world can teach us about confidence  
* The Essence of Cool & How to be S.M.O.O.T.H.  
* Confidence Blasts and Killers
* And much, much more... 

In RARE CONFIDENCE, David Shirey gives you a simple 4 Step Foundational Belief System to become the most confident you possible. With stories of inspiration and interviews with some of the most unique and confident people you'll ever meet this book will have you believing you can accomplish anything.

You’ll meet:

  • Adel Anwar - Guinness Record Holder for Human Memory
  • Heidi Krupp-Lisiten - New York City Publicist Extraordinaire
  • Steve “Yo Cuz” Martorano - The Italian-American Cook from South Philly
  • Tristan Truscott - Black Belt Martial Arts Instructor & Founder of The Satori Method

"David Shirey's book RARE CONFIDENCE is a rare treasure! Finally a self-help read written in a simple, relaxed and yet informative way. If you want to take your confidence, and success for that matter, to the next level...READ THIS BOOK!"

-RJ Lowery, Founder & CIO of Your Expert Image & creator of Dress to Attract Success


"Layoffs and crashing economies have hurt the confidence of a lot of people at a time they need it the most. David Shirey's RARE CONFIDENCE is the cure. From inspirational interviews to specific action plans for building your own RARE CONFIDENCE, it's all here. I like to say that "confidence is a habit." This book will show you how to build and nurture that habit...for life."

-Jennifer Gresham, Founder of the No Regrets Career Academy and the blog Everyday Bright

"His own confident and caring personality shine through his words brilliantly; enabling readers to trust and learn from him. What he has given us is rare indeed. A must read."

-Pamela Paxman, Author of Flight Plans For The Heart  
Media requests for interviews can be made by contacting David directly 

at (412) 512-3863 or david@davidshirey.com