It's the knowledge you don't get in college.

The author of "Rare Confidence," Doc helps people boost their personal and professional confidence, sharing knowledge derived from interviews with successful individuals across all walks of life, as well as his own personal experience as an off-the-charts sales leader.

"I've worked for Fortune 500 companies. I've gone through intensive multi-week training classes. I've attended seminars by Zig Ziglar & Jeffrey Gitomer. But the most valuable, real world knowledge that I've gained has come straight from David Shirey."

-Sam Shannon, National Director of Sales, Veridian Strategies

Gain the tools needed to accomplish whatever you set out to achieve. Cut loose your people's belief in themselves and watch their creativity and production soar. David "Doc" Shirey, the new authority on confidence, teaches how to get it, grow it, & live it! Redefine what it takes to win. Pump your people with confidence. Create a culture of believing in success.

David's moving and inspiring presentation will shake up your organization and teach your people: 

The 4 Critical Steps to Achieve Greater Confidence

New Strategies to Instill a Stronger Belief System

Perspective on Old World Thinking vs. New World Realities

How to Get From Where They Are Today to Where They Want (and Need) to Be

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